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2013 Water System Improvements Projects

Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power

WSC is providing design and bidding services for Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power (BBLDWP) for the Angel’s Camp Reservoir and Transmission Main and the Arrastre Creek Well Pumping Plant and Transmission Main.

The Angel’s Camp Reservoir will be a welded steel tank with a capacity of 1.0 MG.  It will be approximately 32 feet high and 75 feet in diameter with a concrete ring wall.  The property designated for the tank poses challenges due to the steep slope and close proximity to a drainage easement.  WSC is designing a compact site to minimize earthwork and drainage concerns as well as retaining wall needs.  The reservoir design will include seismic safety considerations such as flexible expansion couplings on the connection piping and a seismic sensor with automatic control valve.  WSC is also designing an approximately 1,500 LF paved access road that will run from Klamath Road to the reservoir to provide BBLDWP staff access to the site.  A new electrical service will be designed to run along the access road to provide power for SCADA at the reservoir site.  The Angel’s Camp Transmission Main will be an approximately 2,750 LF 12-in PVC main that will connect the new Angel’s Camp Reservoir to the existing water system.

The Arrastre Creek Well Pumping Plant project will equip a new well with an anticipated production capacity of 200 gpm.  The pumping plant includes the construction of the pump station and associated above grade improvements, including a CMU building.  The well and pipeline will be constructed within an active youth Camp and WSC is designing the project to minimize utility conflicts and potential impacts to the Camp’s activities.  The well is expected to be placed adjacent to a drainage course, simplifying the pump-to-waste design.  The Arrastre Creek Transmission Main will be an approximately 5,600 LF 8-inch PVC main that will connect the new Arrastre Creek Well to the existing water system.

Due to winter weather, the construction season in BBLDWP’s service area generally lasts only from April to October each year.  WSC is delivering a portion of this project on a fast track to allow BBLDWP to construct improvements in the 2013 construction season.  The remainder of the project will be staged to enable construction to begin as soon as weather permits in the spring of 2014.

In addition to providing design services for these projects, WSC prepared the Preliminary Engineering Report to support BBLDWP’s application to USDA Rural Development to provide over $4 million in grants and low interest loans to fund these projects. Since 2010, WSC and BBLDWP have worked together to deliver over $12 million in similar improvements and we are excited to continue our partnership and make this another successful program.


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