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Baseline Water and Wastewater Capacity Evaluation

San Miguelito Mutual Water Company

The San Miguelito Mutual Water Company (SMMWC) hired WSC to complete a capacity evaluation for its water and wastewater systems.  The goal of the project is to inform the SMMWC Board of Directors of future infrastructure requirements and includes evaluation of the SMMWC’s existing water supply portfolio, analysis of the hydraulic capacity of the water distribution system and wastewater collection systems, and investigation into the capacity of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A key component of this project involves the development of GIS based maps of the SMMWC’s distribution and collection systems.  Converting their system mapping to electronic format will provide the SMMWC with a comprehensive set of mapping data and a system for maintaining updated system mapping.

Available capacity was determined by comparing current and future water demands and wastewater flows for the SMMWC’s service area against the hydraulic and treatment capacity of the water and wastewater systems.  Upon completion of the Baseline Water and Wastewater Capacity Evaluation, WSC will provide the SMMWC with recommendations for accommodating the needs of its shareholders now and into the future.


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