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Atlas Map Updates

Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power

WSC updated the Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power’s (BBLDWP) water distribution system atlas maps. BBLDWP’s atlas maps include all water systems served by BBLDWP, which comprise approximately 180 miles of pipeline. The atlas maps have been developed to reflect a certain level of detail that enables BBLDWP staff to identify distribution facilities in the field. The system atlas maps have been historically developed from as-built information and have been updated as new facilities are constructed and old ones are replaced; however, they have not been updated for a number of years.

The existing atlas maps were developed using AutoCAD® software. WSC is responsible for conversion of the AutoCAD® atlas maps into a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) format, which provides a robust platform to support BBLDWP’s future initiatives (hydraulic modeling, CMMS integration, asset management, resource planning, emergency response, etc.). The GIS database was updated using as-built information and information from BBLDWP staff. The updated GIS based atlas maps reflect the most up-to-date information on the location of pipelines and appurtenant facilities. Further, the atlas maps reflect the separation of facilities by pressure zone so that they are easily identified. The successful completion of this project required close coordination with BBLDWP staff and utilization of state-of-the-art GIS tools and processes.


System Energy Plan

Heritage Ranch Community Services District

WSC is developing a System Energy Plan (SEP) for the Heritage Ranch Community Services District.  The SEP will evaluate energy efficiency and solar PV…

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Baseline Water and Wastewater Capacity Evaluation

San Miguelito Mutual Water Company

The San Miguelito Mutual Water Company (SMMWC) hired WSC to complete a capacity evaluation for its water and wastewater systems.  The goal of the…

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Recycled Water Master Plan – Part 2, Chapter 7

West Valley Water District

Following Part 1  of the Recycled Water Master Plan (RWMP), the District hired to WSC to complete  a section of Part 2; a recycled…

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