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Los Padres Dam Interim Fish Passage

California American Water

WSC was the program manager for the Los Padres Dam Interim Downstream Fish Passage.  WSC acted as the owner’s representative, performed services included budget and schedule management, managing consultant and contractor procurement, and coordinating with project stakeholders, including NOAA Fisheries, California Department of Fish and Game, and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.  The Los Padres Dam Spillway is the only downstream passage route for endangered steelhead smolt and kelt.  Steelhead mortality and injury has been documented from use of the spillway during downstream passage.

California American Water, which owns and operates the Los Padres Dam, has undertaken a solution that allows for downstream steelhead migration.  The project includes a behavioral guidance system, floating surface collector, and bypass conduit that allows downstream passage of smolts and kelts.  The bypass outfall is located and designed to minimize potential injury to fish.


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