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Lift Station 2 and 3 Construction Management

City of Morro Bay

WSC was hired by the City of Morro Bay to perform on-call construction management services for the City. As Owner’s Representative, WSC delivered infrastructure improvements for two new lift stations and one forcemain.  WSC provided review of design and construction documents and managed the projects through construction including on-site inspection and testing.

Lift Station 2 has an 11-ft diameter 25-ft deep wet well which contains three 10-hp submersible pumps rated at 700-gpm at 23-ft TDH.  Due to its proximity to the ocean, the project required extensive dewatering. WSC worked with the Regional Water Quality Board and the contractor and developed a dewatering system that included treatment and discharge monitoring.

Lift Station 3 has an 8-ft diameter 20-ft deep wet well and has two 25-hp submersible pumps rated at 275-gpm at 150-ft TDH.  A dewatering system was installed for construction of the wet well. This project also included replacing 3,500 LF of sanitary sewer forcemain and 1,500 LF of gravity sewer.


Engineering Consultant Services

City of Arroyo Grande

The City of Arroyo Grande hired WSC to become part of the City’s Engineering Team by providing ongoing, as-needed engineering services.  WSC and individual…

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Carmel River Re-Route and San Clemente Dam Removal

California American Water

WSC is the project manager and construction manager for the removal of the San Clemente Dam and restoration of the Carmel River. When completed,…

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Victorville Water District Reservoir Improvements

Victorville Water District

WSC designed and managed the construction of a multi-year project which provided seismic and operational improvements to 17 above-grade welded steel water storage reservoirs…

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