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Recycled Water System Assessment

City of San Luis Obispo

WSC performed an assessment of the City of San Luis Obispo’s recycled water pump station.  The project included evaluating steady-state hydraulics, pump station controls, header and valve configuration and energy use.

The City was experiencing wide pressure fluctuations in their recycled water system that began soon after project start-up.  After years of troubleshooting with the design engineer, the City went out to RFP to complete a hydraulic model and surge analysis.  During the proposal phase, WSC identified the source of the problem and proposed a solution that would solve the root problem instead of result in a study that may just sit on the shelf.  Throughout the project, WSC collaborated with the City to understand the real issues and ensure the outcome would align with their needs.  WSC developed design documents to modify system controls, reconfigure pump control valves, and add bladder-style hydropneumatic tanks to improve system stability and operational efficiency.  WSC delivered the proposed solution on-schedule and within budget, and the City’s recycled water system now operates reliably without high pressure fluctuations.

Throughout the project, WSC integrated energy efficiency into the analysis to further improve the overall operational efficiency of the pump station.  WSC leveraged PG&E’s Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP) to obtain baseline plant efficiency data.  In addition to reducing pressure fluctuations, WSC identified solutions to save energy by eliminating pump dead-heading and reducing system pressure.  The pump station operation improved and energy requirements decreased, leading to a win-win for the City.  


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