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Five Cities Lift Station Replacement

City of Pismo Beach

WSC was hired by the City of Pismo Beach for the Five Cities Lift Station Replacement project.  WSC is preparing plans and specifications for the new lift station, which includes a new sanitary sewer forcemain, and providing bid phase support.  The design phase of the project is expected to be complete in the fall of 2013.

The existing Five Cities Lift Station was constructed in 1962 and upgraded in 1973, and consists of two 25-hp above grade, self-priming Gorman-Rupp solids handling sewage pumps. The pumps are rated at 400-gpm. The existing forcemain is 6-in in diameter and crosses the Pismo Creek on the Cypress Street Bridge.  There are several private forcemains from nearby mobile home parks that pump in to the Five Cities forcemain.  The City’s Wastewater Collection System Master Plan requires the new Five Cities Lift Station to be capable of delivering 625‑gpm peak hour wet weather flow (PHWWF) through a proposed 8-in diameter forcemain.

WSC is designing a new submersible sewage lift station capable of delivering 625‑gpm PHWWF and a new 8-in diameter forcemain.  The new lift station will have a compact footprint and be constructed adjacent to the existing lift station, which will be abandoned.  The lift station will have an approximately 18-feet deep wetwell and a building, chemical feed, and backup generator.  Construction of the wetwell will require dewatering.  WSC is evaluating pump selection based on construction cost, reliability, operational cost, efficiency, and maintenance.

WSC is designing the new 8-in diameter forcemain to run along Highway 1 and cross the Cypress Street Bridge where it will connect to the Addie Street forcemain.  The forcemain will primarily be PVC, with the exception of the bridge crossing which will be coated steel pipe.  There are numerous existing utilities in the right-of-way; WSC is designing the pipeline to avoid utility conflicts.


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