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Lopez Pipeline Capacity Evaluation and Re-Evaluation

County of San Luis Obispo

WSC was hired by the County of San Luis Obispo Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District), the Oceano Community Community Services District (OCSD) and the Cities of Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and Pismo Beach to perform two capacity evaluations on the Lopez Pipeline.  This 13 mile long pipeline, which starts at the Lopez Water Treatment Plant and ends at Port San Luis in Avila Beach, is the sole conveyance infrastructure for bringing Lopez Lake and State Water Project water to the coastal communities in Southern San Luis Obispo County.

To perform the evaluation, WSC first developed a GIS based hydraulic model in WaterGEMS®, using GIS shapefiles and as-built construction drawings.  WSC then facilitated a flow test to collect flow and pressure data necessary to calibrate the model.  Using the calibrated model, WSC performed an initial capacity assessment to aid the OCSD and the above listed Cities (Northern Cities) in evaluating the potential to deliver additional surface water as a water supply alternative.  The initial evaluation identified an additional capacity of approximately 1,200 AFY that could be delivered to the Northern Cities above their current contract flow rates.  The evaluation included the development of multiple delivery scenarios to evaluate the benefit to each of the pipeline customers and the development of recommendations for improving the delivery capacity of the pipeline.

The Capacity Re-evaluation project, which was completed several years later, included a second evaluation to quantify the improvement to the pipeline hydraulic grade (HGL) and delivery capacity following a project completed by the District to pig a critical 5 mile section of the pipeline.  This capacity re-evaluation identified an improvement of 40 ft in pipeline HGL and 350 AFY in pipeline capacity.


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