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BMP Implementation and CUWCC Support

Nipomo Community Services District

WSC understands that our clients are often operating near full capacity and do not have the time nor resources to maintain active involvement with the multiple events, updates, actions, and activities that come with water use efficiency Best Management Practices (BMP) implementation and California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) membership. Upon completion of Nipomo Community Services District’s (NCSD) 2010 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP), NCSD requested additional BMP and CUWCC support services. WSC’s BMP implementation and CUWCC support services include tracking, updating, planning, and reporting BMP compliance; participating, communicating, and working with the CUWCC as NCSD’s representative; researching and summarizing water use efficiency programs as requested by NCSD staff; and ensuring that NCSD is up-to-date with water use efficiency trends.


North Pleasant Valley Desalter Project

City of Camarillo

Since the mid-1990s, groundwater in the northern portion of the Pleasant Valley Basin in Ventura County has continuously declined in water quality while simultaneously…

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Regional Groundwater Sustainability Project

City of Pismo Beach

Water Systems Consulting, Inc. is providing Program Management and Preliminary Design services for the Regional Groundwater Sustainability Project (RGSP). The collaboration between the City…

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System Energy Plan

Heritage Ranch Community Services District

WSC is developing a System Energy Plan (SEP) for the Heritage Ranch Community Services District.  The SEP will evaluate energy efficiency and solar PV…

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