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One Water Interactive Workshop for California Water Leaders

Multiple Clients, CA

Communities along the Central Coast are at the epicenter of California’s drought and have turned to recycled water to build more resilient water supply portfolios for the future. This new water resource has allowed communities to break down traditional silos and promote more collaborative water management approaches. The WSC’s strategic communications team has designed an interactive workshop for agency leaders to gain new perspectives to support better stakeholder alignment for One Water implementation. WSC has facilitated and led two three-hour workshops with guest speakers. Tools and approaches to promote engagement and education through the workshops included use of a water map graphic for compromise discussions, facilitated table discussions to appreciate stakeholder roles, and role cards to engage leaders in a new way of thinking around collaborative, sustainable water solutions.


Central Coast Blue Recycled Water Outreach

Multiple Agencies, CA

WSC has worked alongside the City of Pismo Beach, its four additional partner agencies, and public-private partners to provide strategic planning and communications support…

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Bear Valley Water Sustainability Outreach

Multiple Agencies, CA

WSC is working with Big Bear Valley agencies to build awareness and support of water reuse among a broad group of stakeholders. WSC has…

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San Luis Obispo Strategic Planning and Communications

City of San Luis Obispo

The City of San Luis Obispo’s Utilities Department is working with WSC to create a renewed Strategic Plan for long-term water stewardship performance and…

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