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System Energy Plan

Heritage Ranch Community Services District

WSC is developing a System Energy Plan (SEP) for the Heritage Ranch Community Services District.  The SEP will evaluate energy efficiency and solar PV opportunities in the District and will become the District’s guide for making energy improvements.

The Heritage Ranch Community Services District is a multi-service district that provides water, wastewater, solid waste, and parks and recreation services to the Heritage Ranch community, which is located on the east side of Lake Nacimiento in northern San Luis Obispo County.  The District operates six (6) water pump stations and ten (10) sewer lift stations, as well as a water treatment plant and sewer treatment plant.  The goal of the SEP is to identify cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to reduce operating costs.

WSC is targeting high energy use facilities in the District’s water and wastewater systems in order to identify the most cost-effective energy efficiency and optimization projects.  WSC leveraged PG&E’s Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program to perform subsidized pump efficiency testing at the District’s facilities to determine baseline efficiencies.  WSC is evaluating pumping efficiency, energy intensity, and operating conditions to determine if efficiency opportunities exist that will not interfere with operations.  WSC is performing a cost-benefit analysis, incorporating applicable rebates and incentives, to determine if the improvements are cost-effective and will ultimately improve the District’s bottom line.  Additionally, WSC is working with PG&E to evaluate the electric rate schedules of the District’s facilities and opportunities for load shifting.

WSC is also assessing solar PV opportunities in the District.  The District has land available for one or more ground-mount PV systems and is interested in offsetting their purchased electricity with generation from a PV system.  WSC is evaluating the conceptual alternatives and the associated permitting and interconnection requirements, as well as financing options including loans and power purchase agreements (PPA).   WSC will perform a financial analysis to determine the most appropriate power delivery mechanism for the District.

Based on the results of the energy efficiency investigation and solar PV assessment, WSC will prepare a comprehensive SEP that includes concise project write-ups for recommended capital improvements and an implementation plan.


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