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Recycled Water Master Plan – Part 1

West Valley Water District

WSC prepared Part 1 of a Recycled Water Master Plan (RWMP) for West Valley Water District. The District supplies potable water to over 60,000 people within the Cities of Rialto, Fontana and Colton, and the Counties of San Bernardino and Riverside.  The District faces challenges to implementing a recycled water program; the District does not have rights to wastewater and has complex municipal issues (the District’s service areas include four cities and two counties). The District hired WSC to prepare Part 1 of the RWMP, which contains the first steps towards developing a comprehensive RWMP.  Part 1 of the RWMP included recycled water system goals and objectives, recycled water demand and source analysis, jurisdictional consideration and regulatory context and funding and financing options.

During Part 1, WSC facilitated stakeholder workshops with District staff to establish goals and objectives for the recycled water program. WSC also facilitated outreach to potential outside stakeholders in order to accurately characterize the jurisdictional issues and to begin collaboration, which will be necessary to implement a successful program. Through this effort, WSC identified and evaluated regulatory and jurisdictional constraints.

To understand the potential demand for recycled water in the District, WSC utilized customer consumption records, specific plans and GIS to spatially allocate potential recycled water customers and then mapped recycled water sources.

Part 1 of the RWMP has been completed and the District is currently obtaining approval to have WSC complete Parts 2 and 3 of the RWMP, which will contain the following: recycled water source analysis; development of conceptual alternatives; cost/benefit analysis; selection of conceptual alternative; infrastructure plan; and implementation plan.


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