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WWTP Sludge Dewatering Improvements

City of Pismo Beach

WSC, teamed with Carollo Engineers, was hired by the City of Pismo Beach to provide design and bidding services for Sludge Dewatering Improvements at the City’s WWTP.  WSC is the project manager and Carollo Engineers is the project engineer.  The design phase of the project is scheduled to be complete in fall of 2013.

The existing sludge thickening facilities include a RAS/WAS pump station and Dissolved Flotation Thickener (DAFT) originally constructed in 1983 which are used to thicken sludge upstream of Digester No. 2 and increase sludge storage capacity in the digester. The existing sludge dewatering facilities include a 1.0 meter Ashbrook Simon Hartley Winklepress also constructed in 1983 and installed in a wood frame structure. Both of these are at or near the end of their useful life and were never intended to thicken or dewater sludge produced by the current Oxidation Ditch treatment plant designed by Carollo Engineers in 2003.  The Biosolids Handling Facilities were not upgraded during the 2003 design for cost reasons.

Carollo Engineers prepared a Biosolids Handling Study in 2010, which evaluated the technical capability of new sludge thickening and dewatering technologies, generated alternative project and life cycle costs, created a viable a site layout and provided recommendations.  This project will implement the recommendations of this study.  WSC’s subconsultant, Carollo Engineers, is designing a new thickening/dewatering facility in a small footprint on the existing site.  The facility is expected to use gravity belt thickeners (GBTs) for sludge thickening and screw presses for sludge dewatering.  WSC is actively involved in the project, working with the City, Carollo Engineers, and WSC’s other subconsultants to deliver this project.


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