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Six Hires Expand WSC’s Water Industry Leadership

May 9th, 2019

By Jeffrey Szytel, CEO


We’re 10 years old—and with that milestone, Water Systems Consulting (WSC) is poised for rapid growth within the water infrastructure industry. The stresses on water security are real and they are becoming more and more acute for the west coast communities we serve. Population growth, drought and climate change continue to impact our water security, the health of our watersheds, and our quality of life. As we look at the next 10 years, solving these complex problems will require us to continually innovate, ask “what if?” and creatively expand our team to deliver the value our clients have come to expect.

For that reason, I’m excited to announce six new hires who embody the passion, creativity and relationship-based leadership WSC brings to every community and client we serve. The breadth of their expertise is nothing short of exciting. You’ll be hearing more from them—and the work we’re doing—in the months to come.

  • Francisco Loureiro (San Luis Obispo, CA)—Originator who has built transformative technologies that create value, empower people and unlock new collaboration possibilities.
  • Rob Morrow (San Luis Obispo, CA)—Pacesetter and industry leader known throughout California for advancing integrated water resource solutions.
  • Sarah Walker (San Diego, CA)—Collaborator, creative powerhouse and visual designer who creates communications with meaningful impact.
  • Tiffany Meyer (Portland, OR)—Connector, prolific writer and master storyteller, with an authentic voice and gift to connect people to action.
  • Amy Martin (Irvine, CA)—Innovator and passionate water resources planner with diverse skills and a clear vision for the future of water in California.
  • Joe Kingsbury (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)—Integrator and experienced hydrogeologist with experience in all aspects of groundwater analysis, production and management.