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Your WSC Team


Bridgette Vanherweg

Ms. Vanherweg joined WSC inspired by the innovative pathways for employees and strong community support values. With a diverse background in education, journalism, and environmental design, Ms. Vanherweg contributes to several company components, including administrative support, employee relations and event planning, facilities, marketing and project management. She believes WSC holds unlimited growth opportunities for all talent types and is motivated by WSC’s dedication to all stakeholders. She applies her experience in several fields, including municipal planning administrative support, to a diverse set of administrative, project management and environmental needs of a rapidly growing company. WSC is not afraid to put the right people in the right place at the right time to procure vigorous growth.

Personal Brief

I am grateful to work with a superb group of individuals at WSC, sustaining a healthy living on California’s beautiful Central Coast. The WSC Family echoes the strong family values I hold while raising one daughter and staying active in community enhancement and waste reduction by thrift shopping, home food production, and beach clean ups. I enjoy finding treasures, whether beach trash or sea glass, while walking near the water, after a day of working for water.