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Your WSC Team


Aaron Morland

Mr. Morland is an Engineer-in-Training with environmental engineering experience in wastewater treatment systems, sewer system management, hydraulic analysis and planning, pipeline design, and funding support. In addition to his professional experience, his academic projects have focused on wastewater treatment systems for potable and non-potable reuse, including conceptual and preliminary level designs of an 0.1 MGD water reclamation facility in San Luis Obispo County, CA and conceptual design of a 4 MGD advanced treatment facility in Ventura County, CA.

Personal Brief

I grew up on a 40-acre farm, went to college in a town that relies on imports for 100 percent of its potable water supply, and have enjoyed camping alongside rushing rivers in the Cascade Mountains of Western Oregon. These experiences are part of what motivates me to discover and create the best means of managing the intricate balance between water for urban consumption, agricultural use, and environmental health. Rather than joining the fight of “our water rights versus theirs,” I simply wish to add to the total amount available to the degree where water isn’t even worth fighting for anymore. For example, water recycling has shown to be an effective method of increasing supply for human use without significantly taking away from anyone else, and we’re starting to catch on and take hold of our recycled water potential with innovative solutions like the Chino Basin Program.

I’m excited by the opportunity to work with such an innovative industry – consultants, our clients, regulators, and professional organizations – that will shape the future of water infrastructure and sustainability in the Western United States.

On a more personal note, I’m an extremely average skier, but you’ll never catch me missing an opportunity to send it down a black diamond that I probably should have waved at on my way toward the bunny slopes. Growing up on a farm, I like to work with my hands and, when given the chance, will seldom turn down spending a warm afternoon baling hay. I enjoy hiking and camping, and always try to make a point to meet up with my family in Oregon once a year for a camping adventure at Lake of the Woods or on the McKenzie River.