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Your WSC Team


Adam Donald

Mr. Donald is a professional engineer with environmental engineering experience specializing in water and wastewater treatment. His experience includes water resources planning, water resources engineering, wastewater treatment design, and industrial pollution prevention. His graduate studies focused on physical, chemical, and biological water treatment, water chemistry, and construction management, with an emphasis on integrated project delivery.

Personal Brief

Water has always captivated me, even from a young age (well, once I got over my fear of getting my hair wet). When I discovered that wastewater can be transformed back into usable water, I knew that I had found my career path. It’s amazing that we can take wastewater of no value and convert it into a valuable resource. As climate change makes California’s future water supply uncertain, reclaimed water becomes an increasingly important water source for the state. I am excited to be part of this solution, and this passion led me to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in Environmental Engineering.

Joining WSC has provided me an opportunity to pursue this goal. I love the challenge of each new project and the chance to apply what I’ve learned in my studies to solve real problems. There were many things that appealed to me about WSC, but I ultimately chose this company because the exceptional quality of their engineering services is matched by the genuine care they have for each of their clients. I have always believed in working hard and producing the highest quality work I can, and am excited to do so within the collaborative and innovative environment of WSC.

When I’m not in the office, you can probably find me cycling around SLO county, reliving my high school baseball days by playing slow pitch softball, volunteering with Grace Church, or spending time with my friends.