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Amanda Pebler

Ms. Pebler is a communications professional with experience in the water, planning, and landscape design fields. She specializes in public outreach, graphic communication, website design, and content development to convey information in clear and engaging ways. Her previous work included leading communications efforts for a water think tank mainly focused on California water issues. Ms. Pebler also has experience leading public meetings and moderating group discussions to gather feedback on public projects. She has worked in the private and non-profit sectors, which has provided her experience in working with people from all different backgrounds.

Personal Brief

I am passionate about sustainable water resource management and its connection to the greater environment. Water is critical for life itself, but complex water issues are often misunderstood. I am driven to develop unique and engaging ways to present information that educates people and bridges this gap. I am inspired by the innovative work that WSC is doing and our solutions-based approach to complex water issues. The wide range of skills that our team offers provides a rewarding work environment and valuable product to our clients. I am a California native and a recent Pacific Northwest transplant. I enjoy exploring all that the area has to offer, including hiking, camping, and rock climbing. When I am not outdoors you can find me with a cup of tea, doing yoga, or spending time with friends and family.