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Your WSC Team


Amy Martin

Ms. Martin has more than ten years of engineer project management experience at a leading public agency in Southern California, including at one of the largest and most populous counties in the United States, where she managed large-scale recycled water infrastructure projects valued at over $30 million each. The combined projects increased the availability of recycled water to direct use customers and groundwater recharge basins by 10,000 acre-feet per year while furthering the conservation goals within the region. Ms. Martin additionally led the development of a database to track a $2 million recycled water revenue stream and simplify grant performance reporting, permitting compliance reporting, and demand management strategies. She’s participated in the management of the feasibility review, planning and Request for Proposal process for the replacement of the emergency radio system within Central Puget Sound that had an estimated project value of $300 million and involved the review of existing assets, project alternatives, and coordination with multiple system owners, law enforcement, emergency first responders, and local jurisdictions. Ms. Martin led various master planning projects and supply reliability studies for cities, districts, and agencies ranging in complexity and size throughout southern California at one of the top ranked consulting firms in the United States dedicated solely to water related engineering.