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Antonia Estevez-Olea

Antonia Estevez-Olea

Ms. Estevez-Olea is an Engineer-in-Training with more than two years of engineering experience in stormwater, wastewater, and recycled water, and water resource management. Before WSC, she prepared engineering reports and Notice of Intents for several recycled water programs in California. She analyzed water quality data to evaluate National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and MS4 permit compliance. She also assessed the effectiveness of structural and nonstructural best management practices for stormwater and water reliability projects. She has conducted extensive research on recycled water treatment technologies, sustainability, and climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. Her experience in engineering, resource management, and water policy allows her to provide solutions that are socially, environmentally and economically just.

Personal Brief

I was born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, with limited access to clean drinking water. At a young age, I experienced the repercussions of not having a reliable water supply. This motivated me to pursue a career in the water industry so I could provide safe drinking water and protect our water resources in times droughts.

When I am not at the office, I enjoys trying new foods, cooking, planning my next trip, or walking my dog. I also like spending quality time with my family and friends.