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Caitlyn Kuenzi

Ms. Kuenzi joined WSC in 2019 and brings a strong background of branding, layout, UX/UI, typography and illustration. Her work with a diverse set of clients, including an international travel company, an athletic apparel firm, George Fox University, and churches in the Portland, utilized her skills as a graphic designer, creating visual direction, and brand strategy. She uses effective visual communication to convey complex information and messages in a clear and concise way too many different audiences, across varied media and communication formats including web, printed materials, advertisements and presentations. Her experience working with private, public and non-profit firms has provided her the skills to work with a diverse set of clients. A strong work ethic, loyalty, and an upbeat personality and makes her an effective contributor and team collaborator.

Personal Brief

I am passionate about creating a better future for myself and others. This passion leads me to be the best visual communicator I can be. At WSC, the opportunity to use compelling graphic design work to help make a connection between the everyday person and the important water/environment initiatives is exciting for me. It’s a way I can make a difference in the world through my work. My love for art has been a lifelong affair, and I feel very blessed that I can build a rewarding career out of it. In my spare time I enjoy making black bean burgers, playing soccer, finding new restaurants and going on outdoor adventures.