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Your WSC Team


Dylan Wade

Mr. Wade is a professional engineer with more than seventeen years of professional experience including structural design, resident engineering, construction management, project delivery and utility management.  Mr. Wade has served as Resident Engineer/Owner Representative on many large, high profile and multi-jurisdictional water resources projects including design and construction of intake facilities, water treatment plants, and major public works programs.  These projects have been tremendous successes and some have won national recognition.  He has been responsible for managing numerous projects from initial planning to finished product.  His extensive utility experience enables him to solve problems from an owner’s perspective, while his construction background and expertise in contract management facilitates successful project delivery.

Personal Brief

I love being an engineer.  There are very few professions where you have such great opportunities to spend your time and energy engaged in providing the essential needs of clean safe water and sanitation. My entire career has been focused on helping water and wastewater systems in developing the most basic building blocks of civilization.  I am convinced that some of the best and hardest working people out there spend their days (and sometimes their nights) making sure that the water keeps flowing.

Prior to joining WSC I was the Utilities/Capital Projects Manager for the City of Morro Bay. I concurrently managed the City’s Water system and its Wastewater Collections system while overseeing delivery of all of its Capital Projects. I know very well the challenges and struggles that systems have to meet stringent regulatory requirements with constrained resources and a multitude of competing priorities. The best solutions are those that consider the needs of the operational staff and make their jobs easier.

I have a broad background having worked for years in the construction trades and having designed and delivered projects all over the world. If you ever need a hand, or a listening ear to help to help with any water or wastewater related activity please don’t hesitate to contact me.

When I am not working, I have a great time enjoying the natural beauty and many recreational activities provided by the Central Coast of California with my beautiful wife and three wonderful boys.