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Emily Iskin

Emily Iskin

Ms. Iskin is an Engineer-in-Training with focused experience on water projects. She has experience with data collection, processing, and analysis for water systems. Her knowledge also includes practical experience with free-flow hydropower turbines, including the economical and social implications of such projects in rural areas. Her academic background includes a unique biological component that aids in systems analysis.

Personal Brief

My academic background is focused on biological systems, big and small, as well as determining solutions to problems that take all factors of a particular system into account. I have always had a strong passion for the water industry – resulting in the tailoring of my studies and work experience to include various aspects of water systems.  By joining the WSC team, I am excited to expand my experience in water, as well as incorporate my academic skillset to provide engineering solutions to the emerging issues in today’s water and wastewater field.

Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors – hiking, camping, and taking photographs.