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James Gonzales

Mr. Gonzales is a professional geologist with 14 years of experience. His work at WSC includes project management and technical tasks related to water resources management, SGMA, Proposition 1 Groundwater Grant Programs, design of groundwater production and injection wells, geologic and hydrogeologic data interpretation, hydrologic water balance evaluation, aquifer testing, and water quality evaluations. His professional background includes a mix of technical roles and supervisory roles related to the environmental sector and water resources sector of the water industry. He has worked on many types of projects throughout the United States, Caribbean region, and Asia including seismic geophysical surveys to evaluate sinkholes at a phosphate mine in central Florida, preparation of a feasibility study to address red mud groundwater impacts at a Former Alumina refinery in St. Croix, a groundwater-surface water interaction study of production wells throughout Puerto Rico, and a comprehensive plan to provide a sustainable water supply for Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Personal Brief

I am passionate about supporting clients that want to invest in a sustainable supply of water that will stem the impact of a water supply shortage. I want to help clients increase their available water supply by providing cost-efficient evaluation of long-term groundwater supply and water quality to sustain future economic growth.

I am inspired to provide resilient water resources to support communities. Jacques Cousteau said it best: “We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.”

I believe my background in environmental water quality and water resources provide an intermingling of valued experience for our clients. Many of our projects involve evaluation of large contaminant plumes which affects drinking water supplies. I have extensive experience in plume characterization, contaminant natural attenuation, remediation methods, and regulatory requirements related to contaminant plumes that are consistently applied to our projects.

I live with my wife Masako and son Shogo in Costa Mesa, California. Our time outside of work and school primarily revolves around the beach which includes lots of surfing and fishing. We really love eating seafood. Our favorite home prepared dish is Hamachi (yellowtail) sashimi with Japanese Yuzu sauce on a plate with orange slices.