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Your WSC Team


Jasmine Diaz

Ms. Diaz is a registered professional engineer in the State of California and a certified Grade V Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.  As a certified Operator, she has provided consulting services for wastewater treatment plants of  various sizes and needs.

Her experience includes wastewater treatment plant operations, plant optimization, plant commissioning after construction, operations training, water quality improvement projects to meet regulatory requirements, and wastewater treatment plant upgrade programming, among others.

Personal Brief

The drive to learn and continuously improve is what WSC is all about. Working at the City of San Luis Obispo’s Water Resource Recovery Facility as an Operator has allowed me several opportunities to learn and improve the treatment process.

As an Operator, I understand the importance of considering the needs of the staff that will be managing the final product – small changes on paper can make big differences in the lives of operators.  Having the ability to look through the lens of an operator and an engineer has become very useful throughout my career, thus far. This perspective allows me provide the most value to all of my clients no matter how large or small a system may be.

I’ll have to admit, I get very excited whenever an opportunity to visit any water or wastewater treatment plant arises.  Understanding that every facility is unique in its own way and learning how a system is planned, designed, constructed, managed, and operated, are all concepts I am fascinated with.  My passion for all things water related is why I always encourage the Public to visit their local water and wastewater treatment facilities. Who wouldn’t want to learn how these facilities obtain and manage the most valuable resource in the world?! The water world is a fascinating one that impacts every single living thing on this planet, and I find that being a part of that world is very rewarding experience.