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Josh Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds is a professional engineer with sixteen years of experience in pipeline design, hydraulic analysis, pump station design and analysis, construction administration, city engineering, and water and sewer master planning. His experience allows him to identify and analyze initial project concepts, prepare construction documents, and monitor construction of the project through project completion.

Personal Brief

I have been fascinated by the buried infrastructure in America since the first day at my first engineering job where I crawled into a 36-in sewer pipe 50-ft underground to inspect the lining and joints.  I have been working in the water and wastewater industry for my entire career and have been involved in all aspects of planning, design and construction management.  Throughout the years, I have had the privilege to gain significant hands-on experience, which continues to fuel my desire to always find a better way in every project.  I joined WSC because WSC shares my desire and vision to make projects better.  I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering to better my ability to answer that very question—is there a better way?

The team members at WSC are what make this company so special.  We all have the energy and the desire to succeed and the earnest attitude and belief that there is a better way.   When it comes to solving a client’s problem, I believe “there is no box.”  And by this, I mean, let’s start fresh, let’s dissect the problem and let’s create the best solution for this particular problem.  Finding the solution certainly involves prior experience, engineering knowledge, and trial and error, but it also requires collaboration, creativity and commitment to finding the best solution tailored to each specific problem.  We have had a lot of success by living out this philosophy in our projects.

My favorite problem is the design, operation, maintenance, and construction of sewage lift stations.  I have never passed up an opportunity to swing open a lift station lid and peer under the hood.  How is it handling grease, odors, solids, noise, and vibrations?  What are the coatings and how are they functioning?  What could be better? What works well?  I have reviewed over 70 lift stations this way, from 20-gpm affairs that serve a single business to big boys with multiple 150-hp pumps and headworks that serve an entire City.  A good lift station is unseen by the public it serves, like so much of our infrastructure.  But being unseen doesn’t mean it isn’t critically important, nor does it mean there isn’t a better way.

On a personal note, I am married to an incredible woman and we have three wonderful children, three children who are growing way too fast.  I coach their soccer teams, and enjoy every moment we get to laugh and play together.