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Justin Sutton

Justin Sutton

Mr. Sutton is a planner with an emphasis in environmental planning.  His experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors include specific plans, general plans, plan implementation, CEQA documents, state and federal permitting applications, public outreach, and water quality monitoring.   He also has extensive experience in reviewing building permits, sales contracts, parcel maps, construction expenses, zoning regulations, and flood maps.

Personal Brief

I have a passion for planning and a desire to not only meet but exceed the expectations of colleagues, clients, and the community members I work with to achieve desired goals.  My education and work experience in the field of biology, real estate appraisals, and planning allows me to view planning issues from multiple perspectives. I strive to combine my professional insight with public inspiration to maintain and improve the unique built and natural environment of the communities I have the privilege to work with.  My familiarity with the public, private, and non-profit sectors allows me to effectively communicate with individuals from various disciplines to facilitate solutions.  I take pride in my ability to learn new skills and I am always looking for opportunities to advance my knowledge within the field of planning.  I have made it my mission to collaborate with colleagues, community members, and specialists to promote community growth in a well designed, safe, economical, and sustainable manner that meets the needs of all citizens and preserves the local heritage.