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Your WSC Team


Lianne Westberg

Ms. Westberg is a mechanical engineer and Certified Energy Manager, with more than eight years of experience working in both the water industry and electric industry.  Her experience includes program and project management, water, wastewater and recycled water planning and design, cost estimating, life-cycle cost analysis and funding support, energy efficiency analysis and optimization, renewable energy planning, and energy efficiency education.  Her most recent experience has been focused on the water-energy nexus, integrating energy and climate considerations into water, wastewater, and recycled water planning.

Personal Brief

I’ve been part of the WSC team for five years, and during this time I’ve had the opportunity to participate in many transformative water and energy projects on the Central Coast.  Partnering with clients to work through challenging problems together and find practical and innovative solutions is what I love about being at WSC.  I have also been fortunate to weave my energy background into many of our projects, as the focus on the energy-water nexus only continues to grow in California.  I see a strong connection between water and energy, where efficiency in both can lead to significant environmental and economic benefits.  I appreciate the opportunities I have to work with leaders in the industry and to join with them to better understand how changing water supply and electricity supply of both water utilities and electric utilities will affect California’s future.

Outside of the office, I enjoy backpacking in the Sierra, exploring the world both near and far with my husband, or simply going on a post-work walk through the neighborhood.