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Matthew Rodrigues

Matt Rodrigues

Mr. Rodrigues is a Professional Engineer with an emphasis in biological wastewater treatment processes.  His experience includes hydraulic modeling and calibration of water distribution systems, optimization of pumping stations, evaluation of wastewater treatment system capacity and treatment performance, water and wastewater master planning, design of water production and distribution systems and high rate pond pilot plant construction.  Mr. Rodrigues has spent considerable time managing pilot plant operations at wastewater reclamation facilities, allowing him to apply hands-on engineering to unexpected process interruptions and develop effective operational methods for wastewater facilities.

Personal Brief

My postgraduate studies pertaining to wastewater treatment, energy recovery and biological nutrient removal provided me with an unyielding appreciation for the treatment and reuse methods engineers have developed over the years.  I visualize wastewater and drinking water treatment plants as puzzles with endless configurations, ultimately perceived as a process with personality.  Ample effort is put forth in the development of cost-effective water management plans to harvest, distribute, recapture and treat the water we demand, all the while, considering the natural order of the environment and potential energy recovery of the system.   I feel privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to such efforts.

My goal is to provide effective and reliable solutions for the problems our clients face and in the process, continue to increase my value as an engineer and as a WSC teammate.  If I am not in the office working toward my goal, I am likely backpacking, mountain biking, shooting hoops, or planning the next outdoor adventure with my wife.