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Your WSC Team


Patricia Olivas

Ms. Olivas is an Engineer-in-Training with three years of water resource planning experience. She provides hydraulic modeling for as-needed analysis and planning projects, as well as creating new hydraulic models for clients. Her planning experience includes developing Water Master Plans, Sanitary Sewer Management Plans, Urban Water Management Plans, Water Supply Assessments, and Water Feasibility Studies. She also has experience providing construction support, including conformed documents, submittal, and requests for information (RFI) review, as well as design work that includes pipeline design, utility research, jurisdictional permitting, including Department of Drinking Water Separation Waivers. She routinely works within GIS to perform analysis and create figures.

Personal Brief

I’ve always felt that if you can do something to help someone else, you should do it. Working with water and using the skills I have developed allows me to positively affect many people. Water is an extremely important commodity that all living things need. I strive to deliver quality work in a timely fashion. I love that each project we do is important and will make a positive impact in the world. I love putting my mind to work and a challenge. Working in this field is full of diverse clients, people, and projects. I love that each day is something different and a learning opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills, and network. I love being a part of team that makes a difference in the world through our services and designs. I love collaborating and working with creative and talented individuals who constantly strive to be the best and reach the next level.

Outside of WSC, I like to spend my time cooking and trying new recipes, hiking, and spending quality time with close family and friends. My current favorite recipe is steak bites with a Chimichurri Sauce (which is similar to an Argentinian Pesto), and my choice for dessert is always some type of chocolate ice cream.