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Your WSC Team


Rob Morrow

Mr. Morrow’s 19 years of engineering experience centers on water resources projects with a focus on implementation of recycled water projects from concept to operation for applications ranging from agricultural irrigation to potable reuse. He has led large and small recycled water master plans and preliminary designs across California and has led integrated water resources planning projects that analyzed water supply and demand portfolios that include imported water supplies, surface water, groundwater, stormwater, rainwater, graywater, groundwater recharge, and in-lieu recharge. He is experienced with financial revenue and funding strategy planning as well as preparation of multiple successful state and federal grant and loans.

Personal Brief

While growing up on the East Coast, I came across several books that introduced me to California and its water issues such as Marc Resiner’s, “Cadillac Desert.” I moved to California after I graduated college and suffice to say, my work experience has exceeded my expectations. I have dedicated my career to California water resources work and have had the privilege of living and working across the state as a result of it. This has allowed me to meet people across the state who are passionate about their community and water while doing my best impression of Huell Howser. I try to take advantage of the benefits of living on the Central Coast and am thankful my kids (8, 6, and 4 years old) are starting to enjoy its fruits (While also reminding them that not everyone lives by the beach.)