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Your WSC Team


Spencer Waterman

Mr. Waterman is a planner with an emphasis on water resources planning and water use efficiency.  His experience includes development of water master plans, wastewater master plans, recycled water master plans, grant funding applications, water use efficiency and conservation services, and state water law compliance documents including Urban Water Management Plans, AB 1420 Self-Certification Statement materials, and California Urban Water Conservation Council Best Management Practices reports.  His planning related experience includes urban redevelopment plans, specific plans, general plans, the CEQA process, ordinance writing, and building permit review.

Personal Brief

My professional philosophy is simple­­ –make something that matters. Creating something that meets requirements and gets the job done is the first step in developing a quality work product. Going beyond what is required is what makes something valuable and worthwhile.

Integration of multiple inputs, collaboration between stakeholders, and interdisciplinary coordination are key components to creating a well-planned output. Striving to draw from multiple sources and strata to create a consolidated and coherent product that is used as a resource is paramount.