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Jeff Szytel

Mr. Szytel is a professional engineer with more than 22 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering specializing in water, wastewater and recycled…

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Jeroen Olthof

Mr. Olthof is a professional engineer with more than twenty years of experience in planning, design, and management of water and wastewater structure.  Mr….

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Laine Carlson

Ms. Carlson is a professional engineer with thirteen years experience in water, wastewater, and recycled water. Her experience includes project management, construction administration, capital…

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Scott Duren

With over fifteen years of experience, Mr. Duren has led and participated in a wide-variety of project teams designing and planning federal, municipal, and…

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Kirsten Plonka

Ms. Plonka brings more than fifteen years of experience in the planning, design, and management of water, wastewater and recycled water systems. She specializes…

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Josh Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds is a professional engineer with sixteen years of experience in pipeline design, hydraulic analysis, pump station design and analysis, construction administration, city…

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Holly Tichenor

Ms. Tichenor is a client and business development leader with more than 20 years of experience in the water industry. She focuses on development…

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Dylan Wade

Mr. Wade is a professional engineer with more than seventeen years of professional experience including structural design, resident engineering, construction management, project delivery and…

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Michael Cruikshank

Mr. Cruikshank is a certified hydrogeologist with more than a decade of professional experience. He has technical expertise in hydrogeologic basin analysis, water resource…

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Dan Heimel

Mr. Heimel has over thirteen years of engineering and operations experience in the water and wastewater industry.  He has worked for two public water…

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Francisco Loureiro

Mr. Loureiro is a technology and digital design leader with more than 18 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. Throughout his…

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Chris Malejan

Mr. Malejan has over seven years of civil engineering experience including construction management, program management, design, and planning for various water resource projects throughout…

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Rob Morrow

Mr. Morrow’s 19 years of engineering experience centers on water resources projects with a focus on implementation of recycled water projects from concept to…

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Jannette White

Ms. White has worked in the field of Human Resources for over 16 years.  Her experience ranges from government, to healthcare, retail, and professional…

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Troy Arashiro

Mr. Arashiro is an Engineer in Training and recently joined the WSC team in 2019. His graduate studies focused on wastewater treatment systems and…

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Kirk Barron

Mr. Barron is a journalism professional who has nearly a decade of experience as a newspaper reporter. He covered city and county government, military,…

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Erik Cadaret

Mr. Cadaret is a hydrogeologist who writes and edit proposals, creates report graphics and maps, performs field work and a variety of analyses, and…

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Paul D’Santi

Mr. D’Santi is a senior CAD Drafter and Designer with 18 years of experience in civil drafting and design with a focus on water…

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Chris Deiter

Mr. Deiter has 10 years of experience in civil engineering specializing in water, recycled water, and wastewater systems and has 5 years of construction…

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Jasmine Diaz

Ms. Diaz is a registered professional engineer in the State of California and a certified Grade V Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.  As a certified…

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Adam Donald

Mr. Donald is a professional engineer with environmental engineering experience specializing in water and wastewater treatment. His experience includes water resources planning, water resources…

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Chris Durbin

Mr. Durbin has more than 13 years of professional experience in CAD Design and Drafting. For WSC, he is a Senior CAD Designer and…

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Antonia Estevez-Olea

Ms. Estevez-Olea is an Engineer-in-Training with more than two years of engineering experience in stormwater, wastewater, and recycled water, and water resource management. Before…

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Heidi Franklin

Ms. Franklin is an experienced strategic communications professional and expert at crafting high-impact messages, content, and visual stories to advance results for water and…

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Heather Freed

Ms. Freed is an Engineer-in-Training with experience in water and wastewater treatment and distribution systems.  She has experience evaluating various hydraulic measures including headloss…

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Michael Goymerac

Mr. Goymerac is a Professional Engineer who specializes in water distribution infrastructure, site grading and hydrology, and groundwater treatment and delivery.  His experience includes…

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Nina Heintz

Ms. Heintz joined WSC in 2019 and brings visual communication, marketing and branding experience to the team. She is a graphic designer by trade,…

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Joe Kingsbury

Mr. Kingsbury is a professional geologist and certified hydrogeologist with over 20 years of diversified experience with groundwater, geotechnical and environmental projects performed for…

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Haley Lehman

Ms. Lehman joined WSC in 2019 and brings 5 years of control system experience from the water and wastewater industry including wastewater treatment, water…

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Kay Merrill

Ms. Merrill is a project coordinator, administrative support professional and a certified distribution operator with a wide variety of experience working with municipal government…

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Tiffany Meyer

Ms. Meyer joined WSC in 2019 and brings 20 years of communications strategy, group facilitation, branding, and storytelling experience, including nearly a decade in…

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Aaron Morland

Mr. Morland is an Engineer-in-Training with environmental engineering experience in wastewater treatment systems, sewer system management, hydraulic analysis and planning, pipeline design, and funding…

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Rebecca Nissley

Ms. Nissley is an Engineer-in-Training with experience in stormwater management and nutrient run off.  She has experience in the development of site layouts, plans,…

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Amanda Pebler

Ms. Pebler is a communications professional with experience in the water, planning, and landscape design fields. She specializes in public outreach, graphic communication, website…

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Matt Rodrigues

Mr. Rodrigues is a Professional Engineer with an emphasis in biological wastewater treatment processes.  His experience includes hydraulic modeling and calibration of water distribution…

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Susan Schlangen

Ms. Schlangen is a professional engineer with six (6) years of experience in both industrial and civil sectors, specializing in wastewater and storm water…

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Kendall Stahl

Ms. Stahl is an Engineer-in-Training with environmental engineering experience specializing in hydrology and hydraulics analysis and water resources planning. She has experience in water…

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Justin Sutton

Mr. Sutton is an environmental planner with expertise in project management and construction management. He has 9 years of experience in the public, private,…

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Kaylie Tavenner

Ms. Tavenner is an Engineer-In-Training. Her experience includes water pipeline design, hydrology and hydraulic analysis, water and recycled water master planning, hydraulic modeling of…

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Bridgette Vanherweg

Ms. Vanherweg joined WSC inspired by the innovative pathways for employees and strong community support values. With a diverse background in education, journalism, and…

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Sarah Walker

Ms. Walker brings 15 years of strategic planning and corporate-wide leadership in visual communications. Her focus is on the value of effective communication as…

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Spencer Waterman

Mr. Waterman is a planner with an emphasis on water resources planning and water use efficiency.  His experience includes development of water master plans,…

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