CATEGORY: Reflections



Q&A With WSC Board Member Carrie Mattingly

Reflecting on her successful career, Carrie shares how things have changed in the water industry, especially for women.


Public Engagement Delivers Improved Solutions

WSC is one of the few engineering firms on the West Coast that has invested in communication services to elevate the work of its technical experts.


15 Years and Forward

My breathing slowed and my eyes relaxed as I stared out a second-floor hospital window, deep in thought. Clouds were scattered across a vivid blue sky and brightly colored leaves tumbled in a cool fall breeze. It was November 26, 2007, and my second daughter Kynsi was born the night before.


Q&A with WSC’s WAV-Certified Experts

Recently, two WSC team members earned their Water Audit Validator (WAV) certification through AWWA.


A Lifetime Dedicated to Water Quality

August is National Water Quality Month, and at WSC we’re reflecting on why we care about the quality of our water. WSC Engineer, Antonia Estevez-Olea tells her story.


Utilizing “Realistic Optimism” To Drive Investment in Our Planet

There are days when the thought of saving the earth is rather daunting because there is not any one thing alone that could heal our Mother Earth…but we can all think of one thing we could do to help.

MAn hiking in mountains

Preparing for Our Low-To-No-Snow Future

Snowpack is the principal mechanism for seasonal water storage in the West, accounting for over 160 million acre-feet of water annually.


Delivering value demands courageous water leadership

Water leaders are in the business of delivering community value. They provide essential services in the face of complex, unpredictable, and fast-evolving challenges.


Creating a better water future

As water leaders, how can we encourage communities to embrace the value of water — where every drop is valued, conserved, used and reused as efficiently as possible?