Ian Castillo

I’m driven to empower people and communities to understand the value of water by liberating and communicating the data behind it.

Ian Castillo



Ian is a dedicated water resources professional with experience in water use efficiency, hydrogeology, and strategic planning of digital infrastructure and data resources. 

Ian is a strong advocate for empowerment through data, digital transparency, and thorough stakeholder engagement to ensure delivery of equitable, sustainable solutions.

Seeking high impact and service-oriented work, Ian began his career serving the public sector of water resource management and quickly developed a keen interest in hydrology as a gateway to understanding the larger scope of climate change. Skilled in data analysis, technical writing and reporting, and stakeholder engagement, Ian served the municipal, university, non-profit, corporate, and private consulting sectors of water resource management before joining WSC. Today, he delivers value to the One Water Planning, Program Management, Utility Performance, and Hydrogeology departments within Water Systems Consulting (WSC), utilizing an interdisciplinary skillset that draws on the intersection between water resources and climate and sustainability, commonly referred to as “Water Resilience.”

On a personal note

I am a strong advocate for family, relationships, the great outdoors and the concept of Blue Mind, the latter of which describes the Innate, remarkable effects of being in, near, on, or around water. I come from a family of boisterous Colombians, descendants of the Muisca (also known as the Chibcha), who served as stewards to Colombia’s natural resources and eventually Inspired the legends of El Dorado.

My father grew up in Medellin surrounded by poverty and corruption. Our family’s history and stories Instilled a deep sense of gratitude and perspective that motivated me to find a way to ensure a more equitable future In a manner that was universally relatable. After several visits to places like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon paired with thoughtful contemplation of events like Day Zero In South Africa and the Chromium-6 contamination experienced by the Town of Hinkley (depicted In the movie “Erin Brockovich”), I discovered my passion to serve the world’s most precious resource, water, through the public sector.

When I’m not thinking about water for work, I’m probably thinking about water for fun, surfing, planning my next camping trip, walking the dogs at the beach,  looking for a movie to watch, thinking of food to eat or make, playing piano, or working through today’s Wordle.


Conservation planning

Project management


Policy and program analysis

Data resource management and cyberinfrastructure planning


Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL)

Certified Water Manager (CWM)


BS, Environmental Studies, Hydrology Emphasis, University of California, Santa Barbara