Spencer Cole

“I enjoy being a part of the solution to help protect essential water resources for communities everywhere.”

Spencer Cole



Spencer is a multimedia professional and communications specialist, with a focus on marketing communications.

Spencer brings seven years of experience as a full-time journalist and more than a decade of combined experience in related fields. His support for WSC ranges from copy editing, proposal preparation, photography, videography and writing press releases and other creative content.

His career in journalism began when he was 14 years old, as an intern of a weekly newspaper in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He then studied history with minors in Journalism, Spanish, English, and Film at the University of Missouri, where he worked as both a freelance reporter and photographer. He spent two years as a commercial videographer and photographer and worked on a variety of projects ranging from music videos, promotional spots and commercials.

Spencer began full-time reporting again in 2014 in California’s Central Valley as a General Assignment Reporter with an emphasis in health education and the environment. He then worked for a year in Oregon, where he won an Oregon Newspaper Publishers award for an investigative story about a small coastal town’s controversy with potentially privatizing one of their wastewater treatment plants. Following that, he was a reporter in the Santa Maria area covering the environment, SpaceX, Santa Barbara County, and the court system. He is extensively experienced working with local governmental organizations, from city councils and boards of supervisors, to county and city staffs, and understands how a municipality operates and strives to serve their ratepayers, citizens, and customers.

On a personal note

My background in California reporting on wildfires, SGMA, water shortages, land use, and my extensive knowledge of the history of the American West regarding water policy allows me to view projects and issues from a macro perspective and provide insight on critical current events. On a micro level, I know what it is like first-hand to go to sleep each night wondering if your domestic well is going to go dry. My experience living in East Porterville during the most recent drought hammered home a point I had never truly appreciated: clean water is essential to a good quality of life and not enough people in this country, the richest in the world, have it. I enjoy being a part of the solution to bring clean, sustainable water resources to as many disadvantaged communities as possible.

When I am not working, I like to watch basketball, football or Criterion Selection films with my two adult adopted pit bulls, Lola and Hercules.



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BA, History, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO