Interview with Ian CastilloWAV and Lizzie Wiley EIT, MS, ENV SP, WAV

Recently, two WSC team members earned their Water Audit Validator (WAV) certification through AWWA. The State Water Resources Control Board recently released a new set of Water Loss Standards that applies to all urban water suppliers. Our WAVs can support clients with the reporting requirements required by SB 555. 

To connect with our WAV-certified professionals, reach out to your current project manager or email

Q: Why did you decide to pursue WAV?

Ian Castillo: Minimizing waste is a critical component to wiser, more efficient water use. My gateway into water loss started at the residential level, helping individuals identify leaky toilets and weak points in their landscape irrigation. WAV offered a more comprehensive approach to minimizing water loss by looking at the entire water systems rather than individual homes.

Lizzie Wiley: I really wanted to expand my knowledge about the regulatory processes our clients must complete in order to help ensure they are analyzing their water loss accurately. Ultimately, this knowledge will provide them the information they need to improve their system.

Q: How did the program support your professional growth?

Ian: WAV offered a unique opportunity to diversify the services I can offer WSC clients. It also helped me understand the planning and implementation work that goes into meeting regulatory requirements for water loss at the system level. This is a service all urban retail water suppliers are required to commit to, so it seemed like a strategic win for both me personally and WSC as a whole to develop my career within water resources.

Lizzie: The program helped me better understand our water supplier clients’ needs and the regulatory requirements they are facing. This knowledge, couple with the acquired skills to provide support will allow me to be a stronger partner and to better navigate the planning processes.

Q: How can our clients benefit from working with a WAV?

Ian: All of WSC’s urban water supplier clients are required to submit water audits; these audits must be validated by a WAV. Working with a WAV helps contextualize the opportunities for clients to save water, save money, and improve customer satisfaction through wiser, more efficient use.

Lizzie: Validating the water loss audits not only ensures their accuracy but it can help identify the areas within the water system that the supplier could improve to maximize efficiency and save money.  We can help our clients turn yet another regulatory requirement into a useful analysis for their system.

Q: How does this certification complement WSC’s work?

Ian: WSC acquired the largest market share of Urban Water Management Plans in the 2020 planning cycle. With such a strategic position within the market, validating water audits for clients we already serve is a value add that builds on existing services at WSC. We can now support existing clients, minimizing time spent looking for other consulting groups and strengthening the relationships we already have.

Lizzie: This service allows WSC to create a better water future, one water supplier at a time. Greater water efficiency at facilities means there are less water resources wasted, which improves supply volumes!