Transformative expertise

Holistic and forward-looking solutions for water, wastewater, recycled water and water resources

Expertise at every stage of the water cycle

Industry-leading knowledge and experience in water, wastewater, recycled water, and water resources

Our Service Cycle

One Water Planning

Planning support for every stage of the water project cycle

Infrastructure Design

Design solutions for your water, wastewater and recycled water systems


Planning, analysis and design to solve today’s water quality and supply challenges

Program Management

Comprehensive support services to achieve your organization’s most defining visions

Construction Management

Experienced, proactive construction management for successful project delivery


Experienced guidance to develop, maintain, operate, and optimize your systems and processes


Utility Performance

A spectrum of business-enhancing support to help your organization reach its highest potential

Strategic Communications

Trust-building stakeholder engagement and outreach to educate and inspire collaboration


Forward-looking groundwater management

Groundwater plays a vital role in the health of every community’s water future. WSC’s hydrogeology team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver groundwater solutions for sustained community value.



Advancing your most important water goals

Implementing complex water programs requires support among a variety of stakeholders. WSC provides award-winning, customized communications to build awareness and alignment that helps water agencies achieve their goals.

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Big thinking, big impacts

Managing water resources from a systemwide perspective opens possibilities for more effective and beneficial solutions. WSC’s forward-thinking planning approaches are enabling water agencies to realize more resilient water futures for communities throughout the West and beyond.

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Right-sized approaches for lasting results

Extending the life of your system’s most valuable assets is critical. WSC takes a thoughtful and collaborative approach to asset management and customized designs that meet your goals for decades to come.