The diverse group includes experts in strategic communication, CAD, geology, administration, groundwater and more.

Eric Fregoso is a Geologist-in-Training who is committed to providing clients with the best services possible in a challenging environment. Eric’s experience includes working as a geologist at an environmental consultant. He contributed to environmental site assessments and remediation in soil and groundwater. Currently, he is focusing on his passion: groundwater and water resources.

Lauren Grasberger is an Engineer-in-Training who brings a positive attitude, level-headed decision-making, and an organized contribution to her teams. Prior to joining WSC, Lauren worked municipal water and wastewater systems for three years. Her experience includes working with the design and construction observation of water main cleaning and lining and replacements, water tank rehabilitations and inspections, and pump station rehabilitation.

Mary Harrington has more than 30 years of CAD experience and brings the highest level of skills and knowledge to WSC’s clients and partners. After college, Mary worked for an architectural design firm and an engineering firm before starting her own CAD company. Her CAD clients have included a variety of engineering firms producing design drawings for water, sewer, storm drains, roadways, bridges, structural, mechanical, and electrical.

Peter Kvam’s career has focused largely on groundwater treatment facilities. From design to operation and maintenance, Peter helps protect regional groundwater supplies through aquifer management and pump and treat systems. Solving water quality problems with a data-driven approach is Peter’s favorite part of his role. Peter guides clients as they assess, treat, and utilize new water resources.

Phillip Medlock is an Engineer-in-Training who focuses on optimizing pump/lift station designs to make them more affordable while also reducing their impact on the environment. His experience includes design and construction management of pipelines, reservoirs, pump stations, and lift stations. He is most passionate about optimizing pump/lift station design. He understands that water industry consumes resources and knows that optimizing designs will have a positive impact on the environment and people.

Jennifer Rogers spent the first 10 years of her career at a natural resources management consulting firm; most recently, she led strategic communications for a large portfolio of research programs at the University of California, San Francisco. She is adept in web content development, relationship building, project management, facilitation, strategic planning, key message development and storytelling, and turning complex jargon into easy-to-digest information for the public.

Madison Sano loves working people and teams and is motivated to help foster a supportive environment at WSC. She is excited to support the WSC team to ensure they, and our clients, are taken care of. She looks forward to anticipating needs before they are spoken and making sure each person that interacts with WSC knows that they are welcome.